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Research and Development

Scientific research and development of new products are top priorities at Peters & Burg. We strive to employ worlds latest technology making sure all our products meet the needs of todays international buyers. We always increase our investment in research and the amount of funds strengthen our research and development process is growing constantly.

Primary R&D directions:

  • Increasing the biological activity of the products
  • Widening the action spectrum of the products
  • Decreasing end user application costs
  • Maintaining and strengthening eco and bio standards

The research and development processes we are conducting take place directly at our production facilities and in a highly specialized analytical lab in Budapest, Hungary. For our staff, we run regular trainings and skill-raising courses at the industrys leading plants. Thus we make sure every production stage Peters&Burg benefits from most recent and most efficient technologies known today.

We also place high emphasis on getting feedback from those who purchase and use our products. We aim to develop products which fully satisfy the demands and needs of todays farmers. Peters & Burg strives to produce eco-friendly and safe-to-use plant protecting chemicals. The quality and biological efficiency of our products is regularly controlled and certified by laboratories in Hungary, Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

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