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Welcome to the Help and Reference section. We at Peters&Burg have spent years working in the agrochemical industry. We feel that sharing industry-related reference materials and other helpful content will bring benefit to anyone involved. Here you will find glossaries, terms, substance classifications, lists of commonly used acronyms, links to corporate and reference sites with detailed reference materials, and more. We hope this will make your research or commercial activities more efficient. We never stop adding new content, so get back soon for more.

Where do I find what I need?

Every subsection here contains materials of certain type. Go to Tables and Glossaries for formulation types, common compound names, toxicity codes and similar materials. Downloads feature bigger, more detailed lists which you will easily save to your computer to turn to them whenever necessary. Browse the Useful Links section to proceed to web sites with more in-depth industry-related content.

How do I use the content here?

In Tables and Glossaries, you will find tables and lists which will easily open in your browser. Downloads contain bigger, more detailed documents which can be saved to your computer for later usage. Links from the Useful Links section will open in a new browser window.

I have a question!

Got questions related to the content here or to the way this section functions? Do not hesitate to use the Contacts section to submit your inquiry!  

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